Canadian Prescriptions – Why Canadian Prescriptions Are So Popular

Canadian pharmacies are very popular among Americans, as Canadian drug regulation means that drugs sold there are usually cheaper than at the United States’ retail price. As well, many patients do not need to travel to Canada to get their medications, because prescription medication is easily available from a Canadian pharmacy. The regulations on the use of pharmaceuticals in Canada, as opposed to those in other countries, also help make the cost of prescriptions a lot cheaper for patients and help to keep the cost of prescription medication down.

Patients in Canada may not need to obtain a prescription as a medical necessity to get prescribed drugs, unlike in the US where they need a prescription to get all sorts of prescription drugs, especially if they are younger. Also, in Canada, most doctors will not give out prescription medication without a patient’s prior consent and prescription. This is something that is completely lacking in the US and the reason why many people do not consider going to see a doctor in Canada until something bad happens. In the US, the majority of doctors have to rely on patients getting their prescriptions from their own family doctor or from friends, which can be extremely expensive.

Because prescription medication is less expensive in Canada, many people choose to get prescriptions for more than one type of medication from their physicians. This makes the cost of prescriptions much lower and allows the patient to purchase as many medications as they need for their illness without having to break the bank.

Another benefit of Canadian pharmacies is the way they process prescription medications. Most US pharmacies do not accept foreign prescription medication. This means that if a patient wants a certain medication and it is available in their country, they cannot order it from their physician in their home country unless they go to the pharmacy and have the prescription taken into the computer systems at the pharmacy.

Many times, it takes several visits to a pharmacy in order to get all of the medications they need. This can become extremely expensive for patients, who may even have to drive from their home state or even other countries to get prescriptions filled by a Canadian pharmacy. This is why Canadian pharmacies often work very well as patients can simply take all of their medications from their home state or from Canada to their physician in Canada and then have it mailed directly to their home.

Pharmacies in Canada are also much easier to use, since all of the paperwork is taken care of in one office. This helps to reduce the amount of time that a patient has to wait for their prescriptions, which in turn lowers the cost of prescriptions.