Crafting Your Perfect Escape: The Ultimate Weekender Bag Guide

As the name suggests, the perfect weekender bag is one that strikes a balance between the casual versatility of a duffle and the polished sophistication of a suitcase. The right travel accessory will look the part, be easy to pack, fit neatly into overhead compartments and under airplane seats, and hold all your clothes, shoes, and toiletries. To help you find your ideal travel companion, we rounded up the best options in the market and consulted our in-house testers as well as accessories experts Audree Kate Lopez (fashion stylist), Neerja Jindal (accessories design and material consultant), Desiree Miranda (personal stylist), and Elizabeth Money (Senior Vice President, Brand and Creative at BEIS).

For the light packers out there, a spacious tote or shopper that can double as an overnight bag is the way to go. Rolling your clothing rather than folding it helps maximize space, and being ruthless in eliminating any extras is essential to packing for the lightest of trips.

If you’re a heavy packer, a larger bag with multiple interior and exterior pockets will make the most of your luggage capacity. A designated laptop sleeve and water bottle compartment are must-have features, and a sturdy and sturdy zipper will ensure your belongings stay safe and secure. A separate shoe compartment is also handy for avoiding muddy or dirty sneakers and boots from rubbing up against clean outfits.

A sleek-looking yet durable nylon bag with a removable top handle and strap is the ultimate weekender bag for busy jetsetters. In addition to a multitude of interior and exterior pockets, this minimalist travel bag is equipped with a trolley sleeve for sliding over your suitcase handles, making it the ultimate airline carry-on choice.

This luxe leather option from Gucci is made to embody the Savoy world that Ryan Gosling inhabits à la Paris in ‘Two Times’, with a detachable shoulder strap, lock with key holder, luggage tag, and other thoughtful details, including an interior zippered pocket for passports. It’s also extremely lightweight and comes in two eye-catching colorways.