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The studios of painters Mackay are dedicated to supplying quality work and to setting a benchmark in their field. The most prominent feature is Mackay’s long standing association with the Australian National Ballet. The company’s long term commitment to building a community spirit has been an important factor in their success. Mackay’s contribution to the local arts community in Adelaide has meant that much of the work they do can be viewed on a large number of different websites across the country and beyond.

In the studio you will find two main areas, the main studio and the adjacent studio plus studio apartments. The main studio area houses all of the painters and other artists work including the studio master and lead instructor, studio assistants, and acoustics technicians. There are also a large number of waiting areas to accommodate more visitors and clients.

The other studio areas are designed for specific painting processes. The Acoustic studio incorporates technology to enhance acoustics in schools and other performing arts for both professionals and amateurs. This includes sound proofing walls, ceiling fans, and acoustical sound proofing. Other technologies include the use of white noise in order to disperse external noise and achieve better sound quality in the process.

Painting techniques at Mackay Studios include oils, acrylics, watercolors, and graphite. All work done here is done on latex or oil based paints. Painters in the studio include those well experienced, those fresh out of school, and those working in the traditional field. All have produced excellent work and most have created something special to add to the portfolio of their fans and patrons.

Mackay is home to a large range of schools and workshops that offer a wide range of art-related educational programs. These include a large portion of the Mackay student body. Students here learn about the creative process as well as application. They often leave with valuable lessons that they apply to their own work. An added benefit to students is that a great deal of money can be made during art class at Mackay.

A number of businesses are located in close proximity to Mackay studios and artists can visit them on a regular basis to get work done. Some of the businesses include auto body shops, tattoo salons, and hair loss clinics. The versatility of being located in this area makes it convenient for artists to travel to other places as needed. This is helpful for people who like to travel and do some traveling as a hobby. This also adds to the local economy.