The Firewatch Guard

Fire watch guards are an essential part of any business or commercial establishment. These professionally trained and equipped guards are responsible for watching over areas of your business such as electrical outlets, high traffic areas, kitchens and break rooms. Fire Watch Guards should also be on-site within the building to ensure the entire structure is properly protected and the fire alarm is fully operational. In these instances, fire watch services should also be available and easily accessible, including the services provided by a well-trained professional fire guard company like Fire Watch Guards.

One of the many advantages of using highly trained professionals is their ability to respond quickly when an emergency situation occurs. An example of this is when a fire breaks out in a high traffic area, such as a restaurant. An employee may not immediately know there is a fire hazard in the area, but professionally trained fire watch guards can spot the signs of a problem and alert the proper authorities. Fire watch guards will also often monitor the work site to make sure all fire hazards have been identified and removed. This will ensure that fire prevention measures are being taken to limit the potential damage and harm to the public and/or the immediate area.

Fire Watch Guards is normally stationed at the main entrance to the building and will monitor the perimeter and prevent any potential fire hazards from entering the building. If a guard notices a fire begin to develop or just smelling smoke, they will notify the local fire department or call attention to the building’s alarms. Fire Watch Guards will then respond to the alarm, clearing the area of any possible threat. In some cases the patrol will proceed to secure any potential threat while others will call for more assistance if needed. The basic duty of a patrol is to respond to any and all emergency calls while ensuring the safety of the public.

Fire Watch Guards is important for many reasons. They allow for better response times when a fire breaks out as the sooner they arrive on the scene, the more quickly fire can be put under control. Another benefit of patrol personnel being on duty during an active fire is that smoke detectors and oxygen tanks are often already on hand when the fire breaks out. Fire Watch Guards is often located at the front entrances of commercial and private buildings where the potential fire hazards are greatest. Fire Watch Guards is also often stationed in high-risk areas such as electrical power lines.

There are a few key benefits of hiring qualified fire watch guards. Not only do they provide extra safety during active fires, but they also provide safety information to the public and help keep the public informed of fire safety issues. Fire Marshals will also be responsible for the detection and reporting of any dangerous conditions. As part of their duty the fire marshal will use proper safety equipment including fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets to ensure that everyone is safe.

In the past, patrol and watch patrols were often the responsibility of police officers on duty but currently most security services have turned the hiring of additional security personnel to include the fire watch guards into their standard patrol units. There are several national organizations that offer training and standardized qualifications for fire watch guards. In addition to serving as security personnel, these highly trained individuals will be able to respond to active and passive fire alarms, and be able to conduct interior searches in building structures. Fire Watch Guards is a very valuable resource and as a responsible provider within our communities. Many local and national companies have found that providing their employees with specialized security training has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of their security services and made the job of protecting their customers even more challenging and rewarding for those employees. In the end, you can rest assured that your business is being well-protected.