What is Pine Bush Physical Therapy?

Pine Bush Physical Therapy is one of the leading physical rehabilitation centers in the United States. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, the facility caters to individuals from various walks of life, providing services to the elderly, military and those with various medical conditions. The physical therapists are skilled in a wide range of therapeutic movements, helping patients regain strength, mobility and coordination. The center works to help the patients overcome obstacles related to their physical condition, such as arthritis, musculoskeletal issues, stroke and other ailments.

The physical therapy facility offers a variety of medical care services. The center employs a number of physicians to ensure that the patients have access to a variety of healthcare services including, but not limited to, cardiology, orthopedic, pediatric, vascular, pulmonary, neurological, mental health and behavioral care. The center also employs several qualified nurses and therapists to provide the patients with a variety of nursing and physical care services. Most of the physical therapy center staff are licensed health care professionals who are skilled in providing a number of specialized medical treatments.

The Pine Bush Physical Therapy has several activities designed to benefit the physical fitness level of its patients. The center offers a number of fitness classes such as, yoga and tai chi. The center also offers classes in nutrition, strength training, weight training and aerobic exercise. Many of the staff members of the center are certified personal trainers, helping the physical rehabilitation center to serve the needs of patients in all areas of their lives.

The physical therapy center strives to make the patients feel comfortable. A number of patients are provided with individual attention through group sessions. Some of the most popular group sessions include yoga, tai chi, swimming and exercise equipment. These group sessions are designed to teach patients how to relax during their time with the staff and how to interact with other patients.

As a patient at Pine Bush Physical Therapy, you are provided with the highest level of care. A number of the doctors and staff members are highly trained physicians. They work to give patients an individualized treatment that will help them improve their quality of life, while improving their overall health and well-being.

The physical therapy center is open seven days a week. If you are in need of a medical professional to give you care or just want to learn more about the services offered, you can schedule an appointment with the staff at the center. To schedule an appointment, you should contact the center at the number listed above or you can email their information.